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"When my husband and I decided that we wanted to bring our baby into the world with as little intervention as possible, we knew we would need a great support system. This led us to find Alicia and we are so glad we made the decision to hire her as our doula. As first time parents, we had a lot of learning to do and her extensive knowledge base and patience with us as we made preparations for our daughter's arrival was just what we needed. Our prenatal meetings went beautifully and she answered all of our questions. She made every effort to be at my birth for as long as possible and although she didn't get to stay for my entire birth, her back-up doula was excellent and I trusted her fully based on Alicia's recommendation. She gave me confidence through knowledge and encouragement beforehand and was a tremendous help afterwards as we navigated breastfeeding - even coming over on little notice to help with some struggles in the days after she was born. Her knowledge of pregnancy, labor & delivery, and postnatal care were extremely helpful as well as her experience as a chiropractor. I would recommend hiring a doula to anyone wanting a med-free birth and, more so, I would recommend Alicia! Thank you for making our daughter's entrance into this world peaceful, memorable, and the happiest day of our lives."  Stephanie L. 

From a husband: "Thank you for staying with us through it all! We really appreciated your wisdom and guidance. We thank you from the bottom of our heart."

"Alicia is a wonderful person and an excellent doula. She was a great resource for us to ask questions of and learn from both before and after the birth of our first child. And her support during our very long labor was incredible. From working on acupressure points to try to get labor moving, to reassuring words when labor got difficult, to standing-in as a support for mom when dad needed a break, Alicia was amazing. We can't imagine what it would have been like if she weren't there! We recommend a doula to anyone having a baby, and Alicia Brooks to anyone having a baby in St. Louis. - Dan & Rachel Amiri"

"We highly recommend Alicia Brooks to all of our friends who are pregnant. We did not realize how valuable hiring a doula was until after we had our son, Quinton. Alicia exceeded in meeting all of our needs. We hired a doula because I (Laura) had some medical complications that would not allow me to have an epidural. Alicia was encouraging, patient, and willing to answer all of our questions throughout the pregnancy and after. She checked in on us frequently and went above the call of duty. She also had a wonderful back up doula who shadowed our birth and actually assisted as well. We both believe our birth experience was joyful because of Alicia’s support. Walter especially appreciated how supportive Alicia was during the birth of our son. He felt completely comfortable and supported by Alicia. We loved how Alicia helped Walter support me during labor. We felt that the birth of our son was one of the most amazing memories we will ever have. Alicia played a huge role in bringing our son into this world in a peaceful manner. We believe Alicia would be the perfect doula for any type of birth, natural, medicated, etc because she is gifted at meeting her client’s needs and supporting them well. If we are still living in this area when we have our next baby, we will definitely hire Alicia again. – Walter, Laura, and Quinton Stiffler"

Alicia was recommended to us as a hypnodoula through our Hypnobabies class.  We hired her fairly late in our pregnancy, but she was wonderful in our prenatal meetings, answering all of our questions and rehearsing Hypnobabies scripts with us.  She came over to our house after my water broke at 12:30am, and provided wonderful suggestions of trying different positions and getting in the shower.  She helped keep me in hypnosis, and monitored my progress.  I wanted to stay at home as long as possible, and Alicia told me when she thought we should go to the hospital.  She was right on the money - when I got to the hospital, I was already dilated to 7 cm!  She provided accupressure, and was a wonderful liason with the hospital staff for us.  She talked with the nurses and made sure that our birth preferences were implemented.  When the doctor suggested various interventions, she explained what they were, why the doctor wanted to do them, and reminded me that it was my choice and I didn’t have to do anything I didn’t want to.  After my son was born, Alicia helped me with breastfeeding, and helped me through some postpartum complications that occurred after the birth.  By this point, I really considered Alicia a friend, and looked forward to our postpartum visits.  

While I wanted to hire a doula all along, my husband refused at first, thinking that a doula would overstep his role as my primary birth partner.  After finally agreeing to it, he was so happy to have Alicia on our birth team!  Alicia did not make him feel replaced or unimportant, but allowed him to be at his best by giving him the opportunity to take a nap, get a drink, etc.  In his words, “Alicia enhanced the birth experience” - she took pressure and stress off of both of us, which allowed us to enjoy the birth.  

We also used Alicia to encapsulate my placenta.  When I first read about this, I was totally freaked out by it.  But the more I read about it and talked about it with Alicia, the more it made sense.  Alicia got my pills to me right as baby blues were starting to set in, and they made a big difference!  The pills also were a HUGE help in getting me through my return to work.  As weird as it sounds, I would highly recommend placenta encapsulation to anyone!

Overall, we could not have been happier with Alicia!  We have already recommended her to several friends, and plan on calling her for future pregnancies!

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